• Official 🌐: trafficguard.ai
  • Foundation year: 2015
  • Location 📍: Perth, Western Australia
  • Phone☎️: +61 8 9473 2500
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TrafficGuard is digital ad verification and fraud prevention platform, originated from Australia and serving over 5000 global customers since 2016. It provides comprehensive visibility into the quality of digital ad traffic, offering real-time insights and actionable data for businesses to refine targeting strategies and achieve higher ROI from marketing efforts. The platform ensures that every click counts by providing detailed data on each individual click, allowing advertisers to identify optimal thresholds for click frequency for campaign goals. Furthermore, TrafficGuard’s ML/AI-driven technology filters out both simple and sophisticated fraudulent traffic in real time, directing ad spend towards genuine, high-quality clicks and conversions.

The powerful solution guarantees the safeguarding of every penny spent on advertising, allowing businesses to focus on achieving marketing goals with peace of mind. By identifying and eliminating invalid traffic in real time, TrafficGuard maximizes user engagement and minimizes wasteful spending, leading to improved campaign results and a higher return on ad spend. In addition to its fraud prevention capabilities, TrafficGuard offers complete transparency into all measurement, verification, and validation, ensuring that businesses have accurate, real-time performance data. Moreover, it emphasizes trust and transparency with a client-centric approach, providing dedicated dashboards for agencies and ad networks to drive optimization with full visibility of the necessary data.

Main characteristics TrafficGuard


  • Segment
  • Google Ads
  • Appsflyer Push API
  • Adjust
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Shopify


  • German🇩🇪, English🇬🇧, French🇫🇷
  • Portuguese🇵🇹, Spanish🇪🇸
  • Chinese🇨🇳 (Simplified)

Users and Industries

  • Users: Digital Advertising Manager, CEO
  • Industries: Gambling & Casinos, Marketing and Advertising


  • Trading: Keyword Tracking, Refund Management, Integrations
  • Threat Detection: Account Alerts, Threat Detection, IP Address Monitoring, Rules
  • Blocking: Manual IP Blocking, Automated IP Blocking, Cross-Campaign Blocking

Ideal For (Market Segment)

  • Small-Business
  • Mid-Market

Software Integrations

Segment, Google Ads, Appsflyer Push API, Adjust, Google Tag Manager, Shopify

Best fits for

Business and Brand Advertising



Prons and Cons TrafficGuard


  • Simple setup and navigation, making it easy to use for advertising on Google Ads.
  • It saves ad spend and keeps campaigns competitive by automatically blocking fraudulent clicks .
  • Users have found it to be effective in preventing ad fraud.
  • It provides continuous, real-time monitoring and alerts for incoming fraudulent clicks.
  • The software shows exactly what is invalid and why, giving users clarity on the blocked traffic.
  • It pays for itself by preventing ad fraud and saving users from wasting money on bots.


  • Some users find the features to be confusing.
  • Other anti-fraud tools have been very aggressive in blocking real traffic, indicating that TrafficGuard might have a more conservative approach.
  • Users still find it a little confusing, indicating that certain aspects of the software’s functionality may need to be more transparent and presented in a clearer manner.
  • It lacks a lot of essential features, such as analytics or integration with Facebook Ads

Pricing and Tarifs

For Mobile App

APP 50
Annual contract
APP 250
Annual contract
APP 500
Annual contract
Annual contract
Annual contract
Impressions, clicks, installs, events included50m250m500m1bn2bn
Overage (fee/volume)💵 $300/ 5m💵 $900/ 25m💵 $1.2k/ 50m💵 $1.8k/
💵 2.4k/
Service level plan🟦 Blue👑 Gold👑 Gold💎 Platinum💎 Platinum
SupportEmail and chatPriority SupportPriority SupportDedicated account managerDedicated account manager
Impressions ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Agency Access ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Customised integration ✔ ✔ ✔

For Affiliate

Affiliate 10
Annual contract
Affiliate 25
Annual contract
Affiliate 50
Annual contract
Affiliate 100
Annual contract
Service level plan🟦 Blue👑 Gold👑 Gold💎 Platinum
Support 🙌Email 📧 and chat 💬Priority 📧 email and chat 💬Priority 📧 email and chat 💬Dedicated account manager 👨🏻‍💻
Onboarding planComprehensiveComprehensiveComprehensiveComprehensive
Check-in frequencyQuarterly 🗓️Quarterly 🗓️Monthly 📅Monthly 📅
Live dashboard sessions1 per quarter2 per quarter2 per quarter3 per quarter

Сustomer support 💁

TrafficGuard offers support team is available 24/7, providing live support, chat, email/help desk, phone support, and access to a comprehensive knowledge base. Clients can rely on the expertise and responsiveness of the customer support team for any queries, assistance with setup and configuration, and troubleshooting. The company’s commitment to excellent customer support is evident in numerous reviews highlighting the helpfulness and quick response of the support team. Whether it’s about setting up the software, interpreting reporting insights, or maximizing the software’s potential, TrafficGuard’s customer support is dedicated to ensuring that clients have a smooth and productive experience with the platform.

Rating & Reviews:

⭐3.2 out of ⭐5 according TrustPilot❇️ reviews

⭐4.4 out of ⭐5 according G2.com reviews


Trusted by +5,000 advertisers worldwide

Popular questions connected with TrafficGuard software.

How does TrafficGuard detect click fraud?

​TrafficGuard detects click fraud by analyzing non-human activity and looking for anomalies in click patterns. The system uses a database of fraudulent IPs, malicious sites, and blacklisted sites to build a detailed profile of data networks. It employs various indicators such as Click To Install Time (CTIT) to identify fraudulent patterns, such as excessively short CTITs indicating click injection and flat distributions indicating click spam. For example, excessively short CTITs can indicate that fraudsters are attempting to claim attribution of installs through click injection, a tactic where malicious apps trigger clicks to campaigns while a new app is being downloaded to steal the attribution of an install. Additionally, TrafficGuard recognizes repeat offenders and blocks them at the click level until their sources of click injection traffic are optimized out.

Can TrafficGuard integrate with my existing advertising platforms?

Yes, TrafficGuard can integrate with existing advertising platforms such as Google Ads, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and TUNE. For Google Ads integration, TrafficGuard automatically detects invalid users and adds their IP addresses to Google Ads IP exclusion lists. The integration involves updating the tracking template at the account level to send all clicks to TrafficGuard and recording page views using the TrafficGuard JS tag.

How does TrafficGuard handle false positives?

To handle false positives, TrafficGuard employs a multi-layered approach, including pre-filtering, GIVT and SIVT filtering, user-defined filters, advertising-specific rules and thresholds, along with over 200 algorithms and session score and Reputation IQ. TrafficGuard’s multi-point full-funnel approach allows measurement across the entire advertising journey, supporting the minimization of false positives/negatives and the ongoing analysis of accuracy. For example, its Reputation IQ engine stores each transaction and its quality, while its algorithms consider reputation for minimizing false positives and negatives. Additionally, TrafficGuard ensures data quality and completeness to prevent misidentification of traffic with missing information .

What kind of reporting and analytics does TrafficGuard offer?

TrafficGuard offers various reporting and analytics features, including API, account alerts, activity dashboard, activity monitoring, advertising management, campaign analytics, campaign management, click tracking, real-time insights, custom event tracking, and user path tracking . The platform also provides detailed reporting and transaction-level exports to help users identify and mitigate ad fraud, ensuring that their advertising budget is used effectively.

Is TrafficGuard suitable for businesses of all sizes?

​TrafficGuard is suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering customizable solutions to meet the specific needs and scale of different businesses. It provides protection against ad fraud across various digital advertising channels and offers a freemium plan for businesses with a moderate Google Ads spend. This versatility and adaptability make it suitable for use by small startups to large enterprises.