• Official website: https://www.fraud0.com/
  • Foundation year: 2020
  • Location: Sendlinger Straße 7 münchen, Munich, 80331, DE


Fraud0 is a cutting-edge software solution designed to detect and mitigate bot activity on websites effectively. It uses advanced, AI-powered technology to identify bots in real-time and prevent them from skewering data and analytics. This tool is particularly valuable for businesses relying heavily on website traffic to drive sales and marketing strategies.

Fraud0 has received substantial positive feedback for its effectiveness in maintaining website integrity and optimizing marketing campaigns. Users have reported significant savings and praised the software for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration. These testimonials highlight Fraud0’s role in enhancing data-driven decisions and campaign optimizations across various business landscapes.

Fraud0 offers a robust solution for businesses aiming to protect their websites from fraudulent bot activity. With its AI-driven detection capabilities and comprehensive bot management features, Fraud0 helps businesses ensure the accuracy of their web analytics, leading to better operational decisions and increased profitability. Whether for an online retailer, a digital marketing firm, or a financial service provider, Fraud0 delivers reliability and results in bot management and fraudulent activity prevention.

Main characteristics Fraud0


  • Usercentrics
  • Google Ads


  • German
  • English

Users and Industries

  • Users: CEO
  • Industries: Advertising, Fraud Detection, Network Security Software


  • Trading: Keyword Tracking, Refund Management, Integrations
  • Threat Detection: Account Alerts, Threat Detection, IP Address Monitoring, Rules
  • Blocking: Manual IP Blocking, Automated IP Blocking, Cross-Campaign Blocking

Ideal For (Market Segment)

  • Small-Business
  • Mid-Market

Software Integrations

Usercentrics, Google Ads

Best fits for

Affordable Click Fraud Solution



Prons and Cons Fraud0


  • ​Fraud0 significantly benefits marketing budgets by preventing fraudulent non-human and low-quality users from clicking on ads, thereby safeguarding against financial losses and ensuring effective ad spend.
  • It can increase authorization rates, reduce reserve account requirements, improve processing volume limits, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • The software helps protect a business’s reputation, prevent chargebacks, avoid monitoring programs, and retain payment processing capabilities, ultimately leading to increased revenue and business growth.


  • The main disadvantage of Fraud0 is its cost, which may not be affordable for smaller businesses with limited budgets.
  • There is a possibility of false positives, which may lead to genuine users being flagged as fraudulent, requiring additional resources to rectify.

Pricing and Tarifs

€50/ month€150/ monthFrom
€500 Per month
​Up to 50,000 monthly sessionsUp to 100,000 monthly sessionsUnlimited monthly sessions
Included Features:
Bot Detection Powered by AI
Dashboard for Real-Time Data Analytics
API-based Automated IP Blocking
Self-Service Help Center
Email Support
Included Features
Bot Detection Powered by AI
Dashboard for Real-Time Data Analytics
API-based Automated IP Blocking
Self-Service Help Center
Email and Phone Support
Included Features
Bot Detection Powered by AI
Dashboard for Real-Time Data Analytics
API-based Automated IP Blocking
Self-Service Help Center
Personalized Account Management

Trial version includes 7-days trial free using platfrom.

Сustomer support

Fraud0 provides access to a team of fraud specialists who work 24/7 to proactively review risky orders and ensure accurate assessments, which enhances the overall effectiveness of the software. Also includes Self-Serve Help Center, Email support, Phone support, Account Manager on Enterprise Plan.

Rating & Reviews:

3.8 out of 5 according TrustPilot reviews

4.9 out of 5 according G2.com reviews


Trusted by +15,000 customers worldwide

Popular questions connected with Fraud0 software.

How does Fraud0 detect click fraud?

​Fraud0 employs artificial intelligence (AI) bot detection services and advanced tracking metrics, such as IP addresses, device information, and patterns, to identify and prevent click fraud. It offers real-time threat detection, ad verification, and ensures businesses can detect fake, fraudulent ad impressions and clicks, thereby preventing loss of advertising budgets.

Can Fraud0 integrate with my existing advertising platforms?

Fraud0 can seamlessly integrate with existing advertising platforms for detecting and preventing advertising fraud.

How does Fraud0 handle false positives?

Fraud0 leverages AI-driven solutions and behavioral analysis to reduce false positives, ensuring efficient automation of fraud detection processes. It scans transactions at a faster rate than humans, identifies minute discrepancies, assigns risk scores to different transactions, and flags them for manual review or customer verification if necessary. Moreover, it ensures easy customer verification by contacting the customer via text or call if a transaction is flagged as fraudulent.

What kind of reporting and analytics does Fraud0 offer?

Fraud0 offers comprehensive reporting and analytics features, including Fraud Dashboards, visual information for analyzing trends for fraud-related chargebacks and transactions. These dashboards, including Snapshot, Post-Deposit Impact, and A-B Impact formats, provide valuable insights into fraud trends and transaction analysis. Furthermore, virtual fraud analyst reports are updated every 24 hours, offering unified experiences across different capabilities.

Is Fraud0 suitable for businesses of all sizes?

​Fraud0 is suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering fraud detection solutions tailored to meet the needs of various businesses regardless of their size.